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Tritops - To My Girlfriend (내 여자친구에게) Lyrics

Tritops - To My Girlfriend (내 여자친구에게) [Single] 내 여자친구에게 (To my girlfriend) Artist: 트리탑스 (Tritops) Genre: Ballad Release Date: 2021.07.11 Track List 01. 내 여자친구에게 (To my girlfriend) 02. 내 여자친구…

Tritops – If The Rain Falls (비라도 내리면) Lyrics

비라도 내리면 Artist: Tritops Genre: Ballad Release Date: 2018.10.16 Distributor: Genie Music Track List 01. 비라도 내리면 Lyricsist/작사: 반형문 Composer/작곡: 반형문, 이도형(of Lohi) Arranger/편곡: 이도형(of Lohi)…
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