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KLANG - Everything Goes By (VIP OST Part 5) Lyrics

[OST] VIP OST Part.5 (SBS 월화드라마) Artist: 클랑 (KLANG) Genre: Drama OST Release Date: 2019.12.23 Lyricist: 메이져리거 Composer: 메이져리거, 버저비터 (Buzzer beater) Arranger: 메이져리거, 버저비터 (Buzzer beater) Ro…
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Jang Jaein - Shame on You (VIP OST Part 4) Lyrics

[OST] VIP OST Part.4 (SBS 월화드라마) Artist: 장재인 (Jang Jae In) Genre: Drama OST Release Date: 2019.12.02 Lyricist: SNNNY (CLEF), Joy Yang Composer: SNNNY (CLEF) Arranger: SNNNY (CLEF) Romaniza…
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Elaine - Don't Bring Me Down (VIP OST Part 3) Lyrics

[OST] VIP OST Part.3 (SBS 월화드라마) Artist: 일레인 (Elaine) Genre: Drama OST Release Date: 2019.11.25 Lyricist: 하나 Composer: 정성민, Safira.K (사피라 K) Arranger: 신지후 (포스트맨), 심규성 Lyrics Don't bri…
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Ga In - Set Me Free (VIP OST Part 2) Lyrics

[OST] VIP OST Part.2 (SBS 월화드라마) Artist: 가인 (Ga In) Genre: Drama OST Release Date: 2019.11.18 Lyricist: 김범주, 김시혁 Composer: 김범주, 김시혁 Arranger: 김범주, 김시혁 Romanization Set me free from this p…
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Kim Bo Kyung - Nothing's Right (VIP OST Part 1) Lyrics

[OST] VIP OST Part.1 (SBS 월화드라마) Artist: 김보경 (NEON) Genre: Drama OST Release Date: 2019.11.04 Lyricist: 제이 (Jay Hong) Composer: OneTop Arranger: OneTop Lyrics When the sun's down as …
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