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HAN (한) - Again (Weak Hero Class 1 OST) Lyrics

[Hangul + Romanization + English Translation] HAN (한) - Again (Weak Hero Class 1 OST) Lyrics Lirik 가사 歌詞

HAN (한) - Again (Weak Hero Class 1 OST)

[OST] 약한영웅 Class 1 (약한영웅 Class 1 OST)
Artist: 한 (HAN)
Genre: Drama OST
Release Date: 2022.11.28

Lyrics by 한 (HAN)
Composed by 한 (HAN)
Arranged by 한 (HAN), 프라이머리

i miss the memories
i miss your tune
i miss the compliments
the smile on your face

it was only just yesterday
a chance to talk to you
it's summer already
still i don't know what to do

how deep are you
no tracks to follow
how real am i
to face you hollow

am i nothing to you
am i nothing to you
i'm keep reaching for
what makes me zero

i feel my faith
my heart is racing
i wanna dive into your warmth
even if i do even if i trust you
do you feel nothing
you must feel nothing

my dear it's time
for the hundredth time
i finally do make up my mind
it's time i lose you for good
i'm lost again


English Translation

Source: Genie Music
Romanization by N/A
English Translation by N/A

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