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PURPLE KISS (퍼플키스) - Intro : Bye Bye Bully Lyrics

PURPLE KISS (퍼플키스) - Intro : Bye Bye Bully

[EP] Geekyland
Artist: 퍼플키스 (PURPLE KISS)
Genre: Dance
Release Date: 2022.07.25

Track List
01. Intro : Bye Bye Bully
02. Nerdy
03. 불꽃 (FireFlower)
04. Can't stop dreamin'
05. Love Is Dead
06. SuMMer RaiN

Lyrics by 강지원
Composed by 강지원
Arranged by 강지원

Don't hurt me like that
Have you got no shame

You make me cry
Get the hell out of my life
I'm still alive
I will be more, stronger

Ooh bye bye bye bye bye bully
Ooh love love love love love me
Don't kill kill kill kill kill me

Kiss me kill me like that
Ha ha ha ha ha bye bye bully

Source: Genie Music

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