Jo Yuri - Round and Around Lyrics

Jo Yuri - Round and Around

[EP] Op.22 Y-Waltz : in Major
Artist: 조유리 (Jo Yuri)
Genre: Dance
Release Date: 2022.06.02

Track List
01. Round and Around
02. 러브 쉿!
03. Rolla Skates
04. This Time
05. Opening

Lyrics by Yejune Synn, deeno, HERO
Composed by Yejune Synn, deeno
Arranged by Yejune Synn

한껏 피어오른 내 맘을
한 입 베어 물고선
싱그럽게 짓는 미소

분주한 Chatter
But never
읽히지 않는 너의 맘
Replay replay

설렘이지 뭐야
어쩜 그리 모른 척 웃어넘겨
흔들리는 사이
보일 듯 말 듯 잔뜩 애태워

Oh I'm so dizzy
넌 좀처럼 좁혀지지 않아
금세 또 멀리 달아나

Keep on runnin'
끊임없이 Round and around and around
참 애매한 너만의 Tempo
I'll follow 세 박자에 또 발이 꼬여

But you won't matter
Oh 하나 둘 셋 숨을 들이켜
여전히 너를 맴돌아 U

hankkeot pieo-oreun nae mameul
han ip be-eo mulgoseon
singgeureopge jinneun miso

bunjuhan Chatter
But never
ilkhiji anneun neoui mam
Replay replay

seollemiji mwoya
eojjeom geuri moreun cheok useoneomgyeo
heundeullineun sai
boil deut mal deut jantteuk aetaewo

Oh I'm so dizzy
neon jomcheoreom jophyeojiji ana
geumse tto meolli darana

Keep on runnin'
kkeunimeopsi Round and around and around
cham aemaehan neomanui Tempo
I'll follow se bakjae tto bari kkoyeo

But you won't matter
Oh hana dul set sumeul deurikyeo
yeojeonhi neoreul maemdora U

English Translation
My heart has bloomed to its fullest
Taking a bite
Refreshing smile

Busy Chatter
But never
Your heart that I can't read
Replay replay

What's this exciting feel?
How could you pretend you don't know and laugh at me?
A shaky relationship
I'm worried that I can be seen or not

Oh I'm so dizzy
You're hardly narrowed down
You're going to run away again

Keep on runnin'
Constantly Round and around and around
Your ambiguous tempo
I'll follow three steps and my feet get twisted

But you won't matter
Oh one, two, three, take a breath
I'm still hovering around you

Source: Genie Music
Romanization: KLyrics For You
English Translation: KLyrics For You
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