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Jehwi - Looks Like a Real Thing (Snowdrop OST Part 3) Lyrics

Jehwi - Looks Like a Real Thing (Snowdrop OST Part 3)

[OST] 설강화 OST Part.3
Artist: 제휘 (Je Hwi)
Genre: Drama OST
Release Date: 2022.01.08

Track List
01. Looks like a real thing
02. Looks like a real thing (Eng Ver.)
03. Looks like a real thing (Inst.)

Lyrics by 조세연, 샘김 (Sam Kim)
Composed by 제휘
Arranged by 제휘

툭 떨어진 맘은 혹 사랑이었나
따스한 눈빛 너를 비추던 모든 순간은

어두운 눈동자 일렁이는 마음 어김없이 떠오르는 너
다만 모든건 밤새 잠시 다녀가버리는 꿈같아
오 그대는

잠이 든 새벽 내게로
바람 스치듯 문득 찾아와줘요
길을 따라 걸어요
멀리 멀리 우리만 있는 곳으로

아득하도록 깊은 사랑의
분명한 마음을 후회하지 않아
사랑은 늘 그러하겠죠 oh love

잠든 새벽 내게로
달빛 스미듯 문득 찾아와줘요
마음 따라 걸어요
멀리 멀리 그대가 있는 곳으로

tuk tteoreojin mameun hok sarangieotna
ttaseuhan nunbit neoreul bichudeon modeun sunganeun

eodu-un nundongja illeongineun ma-eum eogimeopsi tteo-oreuneun neo
daman modeungeon bamsae jamsi danyeogabeorineun kkumgata
o geudaeneun

jami deun saebyeok naegero
baram seuchideut mundeuk chajawajwoyo
gireul ttara georeoyo
meolli meolli uriman inneun goseuro

adeukhadorok gipeun sarangui
bunmyeonghan ma-eumeul huhoehaji ana
sarangeun neul geureohagetjyo oh love

jamdeun saebyeok naegero
dalbit seumideut mundeuk chajawajwoyo
ma-eum ttara georeoyo
meolli meolli geudaega inneun goseuro

English Version
She fell like a raindrop
And i finally felt love for one
How did she find me
What a lovely day
When shes next to me

Someday, Ill find it
The answer that I'm looking for
I adore the wait

And maybe
Just maybe
Youll still be there right by my side
Oh.. I dont mind

When troubles they come dont you cry
As life goes on, let em try to make you blue
Color it gold with your smile
And ill be there
Forever just waiting for you

Ill say a prayer
youll be okay
Ill say a prayer
That we were meant to be

All through my life
And all my mistakes
Oh, youre here

Source: Genie Music
Romanization: KLyrics For You
English Translation: N/A

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