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ENHYPEN - Outro : Day 2 Lyrics

ENHYPEN - Outro : Day 2

Genre: Dance
Release Date: 2022.01.10

Track List
01. Intro : Whiteout
02. Tamed-Dashed
03. Upper Side Dreamin'
04. 몰랐어
05. 모 아님 도 (Go Big or Go Home)
06. Blockbuster (액션 영화처럼) (Feat. 연준 of TOMORROW X TOGETHER)
07. Attention, please!
08. Interlude : Question
09. Blessed-Cursed
10. Polaroid Love
11. Outro : Day 2

Lyrics by 원더키드(Wonderkid), HYBE
Composed by 원더키드(Wonderkid), HYBE
Arranged by

Dark room without a single light.
Only the glow of my phone
screen proves I’m awake in the night.
My eyelids are heavy but I fight them
and I move my fingers to open my notes.
“Day 2”, and a flickering cursor,
my second day with nothing written.
An empty page that
I don’t think anything can fill.

How must I live tomorrow?
Where must I begin?
Waking up early? Out of bed by 6 AM?
Maybe this won’t amount to much
but I won’t let someone else write for me,
I’ll write what my Day 2 will be.
My second day
that I must live on my own.
This is the real beginning
of a world of my own.

Source: Genie Music

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