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Bambam - Intro (Satellites) Lyrics

Bambam - Intro (Satellites)

[EP] B
Artist: 뱀뱀 (BamBam)
Genre: R&B/Soul
Release Date: 2022.01.18

Track List
01. Intro (Satellites)
02. Who Are You (Feat. 슬기 of Red Velvet)
03. Slow Mo
04. Subliminal
05. Let me love you
06. Ride or die

Lyrics by 뱀뱀 (BamBam), Dougie F, Bryan Chong
Composed by Marzi, prodbychristo, Dougie F
Arranged by

Are you sure?
What you mean?
Oh you blowing my line up
Everything must be the way you say?
Satellites beaming
And it's getting harder to reach me
But you're blowing my line up
Our time's up
Okay I'm sorry that I couldn't keep it
I'll say it
Listen baby
Listen baby
Satellites beaming
Satellites beaming

I finally realized
we ain't got too much in common
Seems like the only thing
we waiting for was timing
All that fireworks here
burning down inside me
Now you know
all this pressure making em diamonds

It's getting harder and harder
for you to coming near me
Y'all said this is the end
but is just beginning
Saying how you never be the main thing
Cause when you had your chance
you just couldn't hang

Nowadays I sip tea, I mind my business
All these blessings coming in,
don't come with forgiveness
You try to bring me down
but cannot get a witness
Y'all see me do my thing,
I'm living your wishes

Source: Genie Music

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