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Lee Sang Yi - I Hope You're Happy (행복했으면 좋겠어) Hometown Cha Cha Cha OST Part 8 Lyrics

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Lee Sang Yi - I Hope You're Happy (행복했으면 좋겠어) Hometown Cha Cha Cha OST Part 8

[OST] 갯마을 차차차 OST Part 8
Artist: 이상이 (Lee Sang Yi)
Genre: Drama OST
Release Date: 2021.10.17

Track List
01. 행복했으면 좋겠어
02. 행복했으면 좋겠어 (Inst.)

Lyrics by 헨 (HEN)
Composed by 헨 (HEN)
Arranged by 헨 (HEN)

난 오늘 너의 웃음 속에서
크고 깊은 우울함을 봤어
웃음으로 감추고 있었지만
나도 모르게 봤어

차라리 울었으면 좋겠어
그럼 모른척하고 있을게
묻지 않고 아무 말 안 하며
네 옆에 있을게

난 네가 행복했으면 좋겠어
나 때문이 아니더라도
난 네가 사랑을 하면 좋겠어
설레어 밤새 잠들지 못하게

너의 그 모든 슬픔 속에서
내 손을 잡고 나와준다면
웃음으로 가득 찬 네 얼굴을
본다면 좋겠어

nan oneul neoui useum sogeseo
keugo gipeun uulhameul bwasseo
useumeuro gamchugo isseotjiman
nado moreuge bwasseo

charari ureosseumyeon jokesseo
geureom moreuncheokhago isseulge
mutji ango amu mal an hamyeo
ne yeope isseulge

nan nega haengbokhaesseumyeon jokesseo
na ttaemuni anideorado
nan nega sarangeul hamyeon jokesseo
seolle-eo bamsae jamdeulji mothage

neoui geu modeun seulpeum sogeseo
nae soneul japgo nawajundamyeon
useumeuro gadeuk chan ne eolgureul
bondamyeon jokesseo


English Translation
Today, in your laughter
I saw a great and deep sadness
You tried to hide it with your smile
But without knowing, I saw it

I wish you’d just cry
Then I’ll just act like I didn’t see
I won’t ask, I won’t say anything
I’ll just stay by your side

I wish you were happy
Even if it’s not because of me
I want you to be in love
I want your heart to flutter so much that you can’t sleep

In all of your sadness
If you could hold my hand
I wish I could see
Your face filled with laughter

Source: Genie Music
Romanization: KLyrics For You
English Translation: pop!gasa

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