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ENHYPEN - Interlude : Question Lyrics

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ENHYPEN - Interlude : Question

Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2021.10.12

Track List
01. Intro : Whiteout
02. Tamed-Dashed
03. Upper Side Dreamin'
04. 몰랐어
05. 모 아니면 도 (Go Big or Go Home)
06. Blockbuster (액션 영화처럼) (Feat. 연준 of TOMORROW X TOGETHER)
07. Attention, please!
08. Interlude : Question

Lyrics by 원더키드(Wonderkid), 신쿵, PUFF, HYBE
Composed by 원더키드(Wonderkid), 신쿵, PUFF, HYBE
Arranged by

Arriving at a low hill after a long run
I cool off in the wind.
I thought I’d understand If I ran
but, in the end, I didn’t learn a thing.

So, what is it I want?
Is this correct?
What should I do? What choice do I make?
Who am I? And what do I mean when I say “me”?
Papers with unanswered questions
endlessly written.
Like the waves that ride
the rhythm atop the sunset sea
for now I’ll float away.
Then I’ll arrive somewhere else, another place,
but where will that be?

Source: Genie Music

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