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ADOY - Simply Lyrics

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ADOY - Simply

[EP] her
Artist: ADOY
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 2021.08.15

Track List
01. Simply
02. Antihero
03. Saint
04. Baby
05. NY
06. Up

Lyrics by 지 (Zee)
Composed by 지 (Zee)
Arranged by 지 (Zee)

Everytime I realize you loving me
I dive into ocean eyes you give to me

I'm a sinking man on my way home
I'll be a boy again with you by me, oh

Summer's house
Living in my mind
I wave at you inside
And you open up the windows wide

Take me down to paradise
and make me stay
Cause you make me fantasize
the way you sway

Source: Genie Music

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