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Wooks – Butterfly (Feat. Dopein) Lyrics

Wooks – Butterfly (Feat. Dopein)

[Single] Butterfly
Artist: Wooks
Genre: R&B/Soul
Release Date: 2021.05.19

Track List
01. Butterfly (Feat. Dopein)

Lyrics by Wooks, Dopein (도핀)
Composed by Fantom, Wooks
Arranged by

OK, I'm trying to be okay
low-key, I'm trying to be your bae

butterflies flying everywhere
i can’t deny the fact you got in my mind
having hard time trying to decide
where you go, where you flow

i get that we not dating but girl,
what was all of that
your looks got all the pass girl,
but i'm not the type to play
they say i'm an old fashioned
man so u better bring your faith
and i'm on my grind season,
so don’t be tripping all day

them butterflies are everywhere
but can’t deny your playing game
it's hard to find like fairy tale
so close your eyes to the fairy tale

Imma take you to land with no plan
no more questions are needed in clan
imma go where you go
where you go way you flow

i'm getting butterflies
you make me fly up high
i feel like butterfly yeah

where you go I just wanna flow
way you got me hop on to
your flow in slow-mo
it's whether you go crazy or not
cuz all my girls know how to have fun

Sometimes I crawl in my bed
wondering what you think of me
or is it just a fun
honey baby sit down and talk
maybe we can work this out

I ain't need no fairytale
Oh boy you got me wrong

Source: Genie Music

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