Jisuk Kim - Dream High Lyrics

Jisuk Kim - Dream High

[Single] Unfinished Job part.3
Artist: 김지석 (Kim Jisuk)
Genre: Ballad
Release Date: 2021.04.03

Track List
01. 그쵸 (Prod. by LA박피디)
02. Dream High (Prod. by Sangkyun Park)

Lyrics by 박상균 (LA박피디)
Composed by 박상균 (LA박피디)
Arranged by 양자인, 김지석

There’s a time
When I dream about our love

Thinking about you
Thinking about our life

Wanna hold you right by my side
And I know it won’t be long

After all these years I’ve never seen
Someone beautiful as you

Ever since
When you came into my life
From the moment you came
into my heart

I’ve been waiting to say these words
I know it may seem too fast

Let me start by saying
I love you wanna spend my life with you

Hold on Take your time
You deserve better than this
That’s right

But I will let you know
I’ve never been more real than this

Baby hold my hand
When you’re feeling down

Let me hold you tight
For rest of my life

There might be a time
When days are rough

But I’m sure that
I’ll never keep you out of my sight

That’s right I will hold you tight
I will be here all the time

Close your eyes feel my love
You’ll always be here in my heart

Source: Genie Music

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